“Acrylic on Canvas” is a debut collection of paintings by a new-kid-on-the-block, young Israeli artist Alexandra Fridman. The Collection includes original abstract paintings textured with thick layers of acrylic paint layered on top of each other. The thick layers of acrylic create a natural cracking effect. All paintings are intense in color combinations and express powerful emotions that have a tendency to change depending on lighting and background. These paintings create images that allow the eye to wander, offering the viewer the opportunity to stop and experience the myriad of feelings that these colors can arouse. Inspired by the New York School abstract expressionism artists like Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Barnett Newman, Alexandra gained courage to get away from conventional technique and subject matter to better express subjective emotional reality in her art practice. As the name suggests, these paintings are abstract and simultaneously express the artist’s inner state of mind and the universal truths of the human condition. Alexandra Fridman is a brand new name in the world’s abstract expressionism arena. This professionally trained interior designer discovered her passion for abstract expressionism in the mid-2000s, right after she moved to Israel from Moscow. Today the artist lives between Tel Aviv, Moscow, London and New York.