Abstract Art Exhibition at BLG - opening event.

No first international art exhibition come without emotions for any artist. So was ours, Alexandra and I arrived in London all in mixed feelings, but once we stepped into the gallery a huge relief came as we saw Alexandra's paintings nicely arranged on the wall. Attentive and supportive managers informed us that these particular works received a lot of attention of their fellow gallerists even before the official opening if the show.

The opening event was very busy and exciting. Gallerists, artists, art collectors we're busy cruising between the artworks sharing impressions. Alexandra and her works couldn't go unnoticed and received plenty of compliments and collaboration offers. Gallery of the Sheraton Heathrow Hotel insisted on having Alexandra's works in their representation, distinguished British artists have been very interested in making connection with us as well and invited us over to their studios. Private art collectors handed their business cards over. Overwhelmed and definitely inspired we left the gallery that night, blessed with making lots of new art-friends.

The joint abstract art exhibition continues for another week and we keep getting very positive feedbacks now by email. Alexandra's artworks are on display at The Brick Lane Gallery untill March 26, 2018, so hurry up to catch some good art vibe while you still can.

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