Visiting distinguished British artist Ann Bubis’ at her Eel Pie Private Island Studio

At the Eel Pie Island all plots and its walkways are privately owned. The public can access its main pathway from the bridge, which does not skirt or overlook any of its shore. For brief periods each year, usually in June and December, 26 studios in and around a working boatyard open to the public to enjoy and sell their art, collectively known as Eel Pie Island Art Studios.

There is calm on the other side, a tight-knit community of land people and water people who thrive together in a peaceful environment full of positive energy.

It is on this magical island at the edge of London that Ann Bubis is inspired to paint and to build her quirky sculptures and create mixed media collages.The outside of her studio is as interesting as the inside.

We spent a few hours sipping on the finest British tea with milk talking “Arts” and enjoying Ann’s humor, positivity, individuality and a bit of eccentricity. Thank you for hosting us, Ann!

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